Social Media Internship (Paid)

Could you imagine coming to work everyday to interact with amazing professionals from all over the world while growing an innovative business on the Mediterranean coast?

Well, welcome to the Sun and Co. team. Our motto is work smarter, live better and we live that truth every day. We’re passionate about our work, the amazing people who stay at our coliving space and most importantly… we’re about shaping the future for location independent professionals worldwide.

Our team is searching for a new addition to the team so, keep scrolling to find out more!


Sun and Co. is a coliving and coworking space located in Jávea. We are a place where remote workers from all over the world come to live, work and learn from each other. We opened in 2015 and since then we have hosted more than 400 professionals from over 50 countries.

We’re dedicated to creating an inspiring space that promotes personal and professional growth and work/life balance. Community is our strong suit and it shows! In fact, we recently won an award for the Best Coliving Community & User Experience at the Coliving Awards 2021.


We’re looking for someone with expertise in social media and content creation to help us grow our online presence and continue impacting the lives of others. You’ll be not only managing our social networks, but also taking the lead on online engagement and various digital marketing initiatives.

In a team of four people, you will be involved in every aspect of running a coliving space and be responsible to help us achieve our strategic and economic goals.

Not to worry, you won’t be behind a computer all day! One of the biggest advantages of this job is that you’ll have the opportunity to help with and take part in exciting events and activities with our guests, as well as assisting in site management and client relations.


● Strong focus on social media (mainly Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

● Desire to be innovative and try new ideas

● Love for people and new connections

● Positive, proactive and flexible attitude

● Fluent or native English

Added plus:

● Photography/Videography skills

● Knowledge of the remote work/digital nomad world

● Previous experience in hospitality, PR and dealing with press

● Spanish

DATES: March 1st 2022 until August 1st 2022.

Additional information:

● This is a paid (EU funded) internship open to citizens, who have their permanent residence in any of the 27 European Member States, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Turkey, UK*(1), Ukraine, and Kosovo.

● The role is on a rotation basis, ideally you can commit to for a continuous period of at least 4-6 months.


We have a strong focus on smart work and always creating time to enjoy life and this beautiful town you’ll soon call home. Some of the benefits when you join the team:

● Work for one of the leading coliving - coworking companies in the world

● Make amazing connections with professionals from all over the world

● Join a friendly, supportive, insightful team

● Live in a charming Spanish town on the Mediterranean sea

● 28 hours a week and we offer flexibility (some weekends required to take part in fun activities or welcome guests).

● Monthly Financial Payment by EU: 830€ after tax.

● Opportunity to work on your own projects/side hustles.

You’ve made it this far which means you must still be interested! To apply, send an email to with the subject line: I’m Ready to Work Smarter, Live Better. Then, dive into why you’d be the perfect fit for this position and why you’re interested in joining our team. Add your resume and CV and then send it off!

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