Monetize Your Website With a Free AI Travel Assistant

✈️ Install the free AI travel assistant on your website and start earning commissions from travel sales! πŸ‘‰

πŸ€– How It Works

Eddy Travels is a fully automatic chatbot - assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The AI assistant is available 24/7 to help your site or app visitors find the best travel deals. By simply chatting, people can search flights, accommodation, and other travel products with prices and inventory in real-time. It is made possible by cutting-edge technology for natural language understanding (NLU) and personalization.

✈️ Travel Products and Services

Eddy Travels integrates with the world’s leading travel companies:

  • - the leading independent OTA and flight search engine
  • - the world’s most comprehensive hotel booking system
  • GetYourGuide - the largest tours, activities, and attractions marketplace
  • - arranging car hire in 160 countries and 40 languages

With more coming soon!

πŸ’² Commissions

For every completed booking, you will receive 50% of the revenue we get from our partners. The exact commission percentage will depend on the travel product sold, discounts applied, and other criteria. Current commissions:

  • Accommodation: from ~2.5 to ~6.25%
  • Flights ~1.5%
  • Activities: ~4%
  • Car rentals: from ~2.5 to ~5%

Please reach out to us to learn more:

βœ… Get Started

  1. Sign up to receive your unique Partner ID:
  2. Install Eddy Travels AI Assistant on your website,
  3. Start earning commissions from travel sales!

πŸ’‘ Installation

After your sign up for the partner program and get your unique ID, there are two ways to install Eddy Travels on your website:

  1. Use the free WordPress plugin:
  2. Generate and copy the custom code snippet:

You will need to add your unique Partner ID during the installation to activate the affiliate sales tracking.

🌍 Live Integrations

Eddy Travels is already installed on a number of prominent websites and mobile apps:

  • National Lithuanian Airports - Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga airport website pages about restored flights (the widget shows up after 20s)
  • EButler concierge mobile app in Qatar (download one of the mobile apps and click on the Travel category button)
  • Visit Kaunas - official tourism website
  • Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau
  • Food’n Road - tours and food experiences in Lisbon and Porto

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