Luxury Travel Concierge & Booking Assistant

At the core, we are looking for an individual to join our team who excels at communication, has an incredible attitude, and loves client services.

At Your Travel Designer, you will thrive if you are a multi-tasker who can quickly pivot from task to task, communicate clearly and succinctly, and enjoys taking care of people. You will work on a small team that collectively has over 45 years of luxury travel experience and be in touch with some of the best of the best in global travel and, of course, top-notch clientele.

The role is a full-time hourly position. However, hours can be flexible — sometimes we're on a little earlier or ending a little later. Paid on-call work (shared across the entire team) will occur and is scheduled months in advance. 

Your success is a team effort, and we want you to be happy and successful in this role. At all times, you will have a clear definition of what you're supposed to do, how and when you're supposed to do it, and who supports you. 

Main Elements of the Role

  1. Support our annual subscriber clients who travel frequently and have varying and often changing needs. 
  2. Support a small group of well-loved clients who travel on a less frequent basis but are valued equally.  

Ideal Long-Term Goal for the Role

  1. You are the point person for your own list of client relationships. Your list will include relationships that we provide initially and your own clients from previous or future networking.

Ideal Short-Term Goals for the Role

  1. You will learn and support the team and our rapidly growing book of clients.  
  2. Conduct ad hoc research and design of our exclusive destination guides. 
  3. Research potential venue options and ideas for client events and other client retention tools.  

Values & Qualities

Before we dive into our desired qualities for our colleagues, let's talk about what we stand for. What are our core values?  

We lead with gratitude, integrity, and honesty: 

Take the time and effort to be friendly to everyone.  We value every client and industry partner, no matter how small or large. We honor all of our interactions. Travel is a privilege, not a right. 

We build authentic relationships: 

Instead of operating from a transactional position, spend time developing relationships at each opportunity.  

We bring intelligence to our approach: 

Subtle nuances matter — working "smart" lessens the stress of how hard everyone works. Balance is key. 

We show excellence in every detail:   

Accuracy with name spellings, nicknames, responsiveness, all personal information, and personal touches matter.  

For our new hire, here are the qualities we are looking for:

Enjoy taking care of others:  

No two clients are the same, and we always strive to exceed expectations. We genuinely care about our clients and each other. Everyone should feel respected, valued and that we have their best interests in mind while supporting the organization's short and long-term goals. 


Passion for excellence:  

The fastest way is not always the best way. Perfection takes time, so does attention to detail. 


Proactive Doers: 

If you constantly need a manager to tell you what to do, you're at the wrong place. If something is broken, be the catalyst to fix it. If there's a more efficient way to do things, bring it to the table. There is very little value in strategic plans unless they turn into a reality. 

Sharing is caring: 

We have excellent social acumen, plus we're highly knowledgeable in our trade. We want you to be the same and thrive in situations where you can always learn from and share with others.

Impeccable Listening Skills:  

Saying the same thing twice is an inefficiency we cannot afford. Listen the first time and ask clarifying questions at the start to avoid any redundancies. 


You are positive, thoughtful, and always striving to do the right thing — but if the wrong thing happens, we own our mistakes, apologize, make amends and learn from the experience.   


We do what we say we're going to do. There are never buried requests, balls dropped, or promises made that we cannot keep. At all times, we have confidence and trust in each other to perform according to our standards, with integrity.  


We are more than just a luxury travel company made up of team members performing assigned tasks. We are a team of well-respected and well-liked experts in our field. We are here to mentor and grow. We do not consider our team to be "a stepping-stone opportunity," rather a place that cares about the long-term wellbeing of everyone in the team, including you. If anything is stopping you from performing your best, we expect open communication to work on a quick solution to the problem. This care for each other (and for ourselves) fosters loyalty, longevity, and ultimate success!  

Role Details

Internet Research, spreadsheets & presentations   

  • Gather any information from our preferred sources and the internet as requested. 
  • Compile information in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs & Sheets, or into CRM's.  
  • Research for any specific product or service.  
  • Relevant market or supplier (hotels, airlines, etc.) research.  
  • Create presentations using Canva and/or Adobe per the specifications of the team and our templates. 
  • Research relevant data & compile it into readable spreadsheets.  


  • Manage files on the shared drive, google drive, or any other file-sharing apps.  
  • Work with our global partners to book client concierge service requests; restaurant reservations, spa appointments, transfers and input into our Axus Travel App 
  • Assist the team with organizing events, birthday cards, sending out invites.  
  • Ensuring that all relevant client data is input and stored into Client Base and kept up to date and accurate.   
  • Work within our CRM and Project Management System (Monday) for itinerary tracking and task management. 

Minimum Requirements:  

  1. A strong understanding of global geography, we should not need to explain that the Adriatic Sea is different from the Aegean.   
  2. A desire to learn and do your own research regarding luxury suppliers, products, and all our clients' services.  
  3. Proficiency in Outlook, Word, Excel, editing, and creating pdf documents in Adobe are all essential, as is a willingness and desire to learn new computer programs such as Axus, Canva, Client Base, and the company's CRM program  
  4. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills    
  5. Demonstrated ability to work effectively both autonomously and collaboratively  
  6. Passion for travel, entertainment, and culture.  
  7. Positive, can-do attitude  
  8. Graphic Design is a plus but not required  
  9. The ability to be reached on a US local phone number, email, Skype and video conference.  
  10. Must be flexible with work time schedule   


This role is remote, work from home or anywhere in the US. The current Your Travel Designer team is expected to be online during Pacific Time business hours. Full-time individuals are paid a wage that is commensurate with experience and industry standards. We provide connectivity (company laptop, a phone stipend) and travel opportunities. Financial wellbeing is paramount to us, which is why all employees have a suite of benefits, including a 401(k) match, annual incentives for ad hoc bonuses, and more.   

Your industry knowledge and connections lead to our mutual success, so we also encourage you to take time in the field to visit our partners and suppliers, such as hotel visits and other luxury industry events.  

Employment is subject to a background check. Confidentiality agreements are mandatory for hiring.

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